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Kogan Josef Samuel .

Was born in 1932 in Odessa.

In 1956 has ended the Odessa institute of technology on a speciality the mechanical engineer on machines and the equipment of the food-processing industry.
With 1956 on 1960 worked as the mechanization expert and the electrical engineer on grain elevators in East Kazakhstan.
With 1960 on 1965 worked as the engineer-designer, the chief of machine-shop, the chief designer, the chief of test laboratories of a factory of automatics devices in Ust-Kamenogorsk (East Kazakhstan).
In 1964 has ended by correspondence the machine-building institute on a speciality the mechanical engineer on devices of exact mechanics and automatics.
With 1965 on 1970 worked as the associate professor by chair of automatics of building-road institute in Ust-Kamenogorsk .
During this period has ended by correspondence postgraduate study of Institute of problems of control (of automatics and telemechanics) Academies of sciences of the USSR,
where in 1971 has defended the Ph.D. thesis.
With 1971 on 1979 headed the department of technical disciplines of pedagogical institute in Ust-Kamenogorsk.
With 1979 on 1998 headed the department of engineering sciences and worked as professor of the state pedagogical university in Kirov (Russia).
In 1999 was repatriated to Israel where with 2001 on 2004 г worked in research laboratory of faculty of aeronautics in the Israeli institute of technology (Technion).

The author of 132 scientific works, including 4 monographies and
22 certificates of authorship, including on a considered problem - 42 scientific works,
including 1 manual and 1 monography.

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