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Energodynamic system of physical quantities and concepts


To not mix with SI, unifying UNITS (explanation).

On Main

For whom and what for it is necessary?

Explanation of the basic terms

Forms and kinds of energy

Conditions of successful systematization

Classification of physical systems

The basic idea of system

Tables of physical quantities

In what novelty of a site?

     Forms and kinds of movement

     About a rotation angle in detail

     About movement of a body         on an orbit

     Systematization of force fields         quantities

     Systematization of oscillations         and waves quantities

     New dimension                          of temperature

     Generalization of the transport          phenomena

     Similarity criterions                         everywhere

     About a nature of dimension

The system approach in economy

History of a problem

To learn physics on new!

Training and visual aids

The catalogue of links

New pages of a site

Jokes on a subject of a site

About the author

A.Teresk, J.Sh.Kogan

Systematization of physical quantities and economy

  1. Brief prehistory of use of methodology of physics in economy
  2. Generalized schema of the energy production
  3. Cost of goods from the point of view of physics and economics
  4. The market as dynamic system
  5. Economic quantities, their dimensions and units
  6. Market economy from the viewpoint of system approach
  7. The movement of goods and money in the market
  8. Fluctuations of a market price

© A.Teresk, J. Kogan. Date of the first publication 21.01.2009
Date of last updating 30.10.2012

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