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Energodynamic system of physical quantities and concepts


To not mix with SI, unifying UNITS (explanation).

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ABSTRACT. By the beginning of the XXI century has accumulated a lot of information on the problem of systematization the physical quantities (see "History of the problem"). Analysis of this information allows you to find those basic conditions under which it is possible to successfully to solve the problem of generalization and systematization of physical quantities. These terms are listed and argued in this section.


  • These conditions are not axioms and not postulates underlying the mathematized theory.
  • These conditions are identified by many years of research for scientists working in this field.
  • Checking on the fulfillment of these conditions is as effective as the dimensional analysis.
  • Compliance with the conditions of generalization and systematization leads to systematization of conservation laws.
  • Below are just statements of conditions, a detailed explanation can be obtained by clicking on the link.

1. The principle of causality.
The cause always precedes the effect.

2. The condition of analogies.
Specific physical systems are models of generalized physical systems; description forms of the physical fields are models of describing of generalized physical field.

3. The condition of classification.
Must precede any systematization the classification of concepts and their refinement.

4. The condition of reality.
Systematized those physical quantities that do not distort the real physical content.

5. The condition of increments.
Governing equations of any form of motion should be prepared for the changes (increments) of the values ​​of physical quantities.

6. The condition of orientation.
Movements energy carriers (state coordinates of processes) are vector (or pseudovector) values.

7. The condition of exponents.
Physical quantity (which is not a specific quantity) can not have a formula of dimension only with negative exponents..

System of units in which the given conditions are not met, do not lead to a generalization and systematization of physical quantities.

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Date of last updating 02.06.2013

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